why connect?
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Connect is about to disrupt the data, loyalty, and cryptocurrency industries. Consumer data is “mined” by various corporations and passed on to others for a fee. Connect also will “mine” the data of its users, but the difference is Connect will compensate our users for this privilege.

Your Data is being taken from you daily…with or without your knowledge.

You may as well get paid for it!

Benefits of becoming an Ambassador

Save Money

Connect has a variety of current options to save money and many more coming soon. The list of businesses is growing daily.

Earn Money

Connect will pay you for your consumer data, that is currently being taken from you all other large corporations.


Connect will pay you to help us grow. Have you ever saw a movie, loved it and told your friends to go see it. When they saw the movie, how much did the theatre pay you for the referral? Connect will pay you to tell your friends about Connect. When they join, you’ll earn a significant amount of money with several different income streams.

Join as an Ambassador for free
Coin Release Event

Starting February 2020 Connect Social will begin selling Connect Coins in our Coin Release. Connect Coins will be offered in predetermined amounts and times. When you join as an Ambassador for free, you will also receive free Connect Coins for joining and the existing Ambassador who referred you to Connect will also receive coins. The amount of coins will decrease as we move through the different coin release event dates.

If you refer your network of family and friends to join as an Ambassador for free, you’ll also earn Connect Coins.

Ambassadors also have the right to purchase coin packs from Connect Social. The price per coin pack will increase as we complete different levels of the coin release events.

Earn a significant amount of money when you buy Connect Coins and they grow in value.

To learn more about how much you can earn with Connect please click on the Opportunity Tab.