The Connect Compensation Plan

At Connect we PAY you to join, we pay you to save, and we pay you to help us grow! This video will explain all of the different ways you can earn money in your pocket with Connect!

When you become a Connect Ambassador for Free, you’ll immediately earn Connect Coins just for signing up. In the Founders level you will receive 100 Connect Coins for joining, and the coin amount will be reduced as we grow through the levels of Developer, Partner and Dynasty. The earlier you join, the more coins you’ll earn. You will also earn coins for referring your friends and family to join for free! The same applies, you’ll earn more coins in the Founder level for referring your friends and the amount of coins you receive will be reduced as we grow through the other levels. The earlier your friends join, the more coins they receive and the more you receive. See the Connect Ambassador video for more information on how to earn coins for referring.

When you join as an ambassador you can purchase coin packs at a reduced rate. The ideal time to purchase coin packs is during the Founder level, when you will receive the most coins at the lowest rates. If you were one of the fist 1000 people to purchase a coin pack, your coins will double at the Developer, Partner and Dynasty level! That means your coins will double 4 times!! So if you purchase a $1000 coin pack at the Founder level, when we reach Dynasty Level you will own 50,000 coins! Please watch our Connect ICO Coin Release Video and refer to the Connect White Paper for detailed information on the coin packs available for purchase.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 commissions:

Not only will we pay you Connect Coins for referring your network, there is HUGE value to you in CASH when your personal network and your Extended network purchase a coin pack. Each time someone in your Personal Network (Tier 1) purchases a coin pack you will earn 5% of the value purchased. But, you’ll also earn 5% each time someone in your Extended Network (Tier 2) purchases a coin pack. So, if you refer your friend Anna, and she purchases a $1000 coin pack you’ll earn 5% or $50 cash! Then, what if Anna referred John and he purchased a $10,000 coin pack? Anna would earn $500 dollars in commission and so would you! That is the power of our Two Tier affiliate commissions and another huge benefit to you for helping Connect grow.

How much are your coins worth? Connect Coins will always be worth the current value on the exchange. As Connect grows, the value of the coins will grow. We expect the Coin to reach $1.00 quickly, and anticipate it growing to $10.00 and then to $100 and possibly beyond! There is no limit to Connect’s growth. As you help us grow, the value of your coins grow! This is truly a synergistic economy where everyone benefits from our growth.

Where can Connect Coins be used? Connect coins can be used to shop at all of your favourite connect merchants! The coins are as good as cash. So just for joining for FREE you’ll have 100 coins that you can use to SHOP! You can sell your coins for cash at any time for the current value on the exchange.

Cash Back! Every time you shop at connect merchants, Connect will pay you up to 5% cash back on every purchase! No more boring loyalty programs that take forever to earn points that can expire, or that force you to purchase items for ridiculous prices. Connect pays you Connect coins to SHOP! Save up those coins to shop more, or cash them in on the exchange.

Get paid on your social network.

Not only will Connect pay you Connect Coins each time you refer someone in your personal network, and when your network refers their personal network, you’ll also get paid when your personal and extended network shop at Connect Merchants! Every time a purchase is made at Connect Merchants by your Personal Network or your Extended Network Connect will pay you 0.5 percent of their entire purchase! Imagine if you had 1000 people in your total network spending only $300 a month at connect merchants buying clothes, groceries, gas or at restaurants, that would be $1500 a month that you will earn! What if you had 10,000 people in your network? That would make you an additional $15,000 a month! Wow!

Do you see now why it’s so important that you help Connect grow? Not only will you be helping your friends and family save money (and make money!) you’ll also be helping your bank account grow! What will you do with your Connect cash? Will you save for something special, or will it just be great to have some fun money? The choice is up to you.

Maximize the ways you earn by joining Connect as an Ambassador, purchasing your coin pack, referring your friends and family to Connect and by shopping at Connect merchants.

Connect is truly the FIRST company to PAY you not only for your data, but to help us grow. We grow together, and we want you to know how important you are to us!

So what are you waiting for? Join Connect TODAY!